Mr. Falzon Biography

Mr. Falzon was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1995. He originally qualified as a lawyer in England after obtaining a joint degree in English and French law from the University of Kent and the University of Paris. Mr. Falzon obtained a Master's in Law degree from Trinity Hall, Cambridge University and was awarded the Thomas Waraker postgraduate scholarship in law. After practicing in London and New York with a City of London firm of lawyers, Mr. Falzon obtained a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and was awarded the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association Award for Trial Advocacy when he graduated in 1995. He is a member of the Florida Bar, the National Employment Lawyers Association and the GALLA.


This information has not been reviewed or approved by The Florida Bar. Each client’s facts and circumstances differ, and these testimonials are not necessarily representative of all clients’ experience with our lawyers.


While not a native speaker, Mr. Falzon's Spanish, French and Italian are advanced enough to be of use in communicating verbally or in writing with clients and others in those languages.

Mr. Falzon's fee arrangements are flexible and try to take account of the different needs of clients.

Fees and Costs

All Initial Consultations are FREE until an agreement is reached on fees. Whether you call Mr. Falzon or meet with him you will not be charged a fee for an initial consultation. After the initial consultation and assessment of your case, Mr. Falzon will expect you to sign a retainer agreement. At that time you can choose to move forward with representation or you may decide otherwise.

Mr. Falzon generally expects to handle Plaintiff personal injury and employment cases on CONTINGENCY. That means that the client does not owe a fee unless Mr. Falzon recovers money or obtains some other agreed upon result, such as reinstatement to your job. In personal injury cases Mr. Falzon fronts all costs. However, in employment cases clients are expected to pay out of pocket costs that are incurred once suit is filed as they are incurred. Mr. Falzon will discuss the potential amount of these anticipated costs as the litigation proceeds. Costs usually include the filing fee for bringing an action ($401), the fee for serving suit on your employer ($40), court reporter fees, expert witness fees and deposition fees. These fees must be paid by the client in advance of them being incurred.

Mr. Falzon charges by the hour for defending disciplinary action cases, defending employers or handling other types of civil cases as well as all appeals. Time is charged in increments of 1/10 of an hour plus out of pocket costs.